5th June WIR

  1. Cable boss John Malone, who has already engineered a combination between Time Warner Cable and Charter, wants more consolidation: His Liberty Global is talking about merging with Europe’s Vodafone.
  2. Sonos is a music streaming app.
  3. A dinosaur has been named “Hellboy”.
  4. Moky puts an invisible touchpad on the keyboard.
  5. Late on June 04, Nestle (Swiss) India announced a nationwide recall of its popular instant noodle brand, Maggi. It had high dosage of monosodium glutamate and lead. Nestle flew in global CEO Paul Blucke to address the worsening issue.
  6. A scathing report from Amnesty International (UK based NGO) claims to have unearthed a culture of human rights abuses by the Nigerian Army against Boko Haram suspects and civilians alike will put newly sworn-in president Muhammadu Buhari (ex-army officer) under intense scrutiny.
  7. British grocery giant Tesco (largest in UK) is running a trial to give away all of its edible food waste to charities, including homeless hostels.
  8. Wahanda, the StyleSeat-esque European salon and beauty booking platform has acquired Treatwell for $38 million (€34 million).
  9. That basically means that our clothes are increasingly made of plastic. Polyester is a polymer, or a long chain of repeating molecular units. The most common variety is polyethylene terephthalate, or PET, a plastic derived from crude oil that’s used to make soda and ketchup bottles. When melted, it has the consistency of cold honey, and if you squeeze it through a spinneret, kind of like the shower head in your bathroom, you get long, continuous filaments. Draw those filaments out into thin fibers, weave lots of those fibers together, and you have a fabric. DuPont, 1st American company to introduce Polyester clothing line.
  10. Baidu to lead an $11.5 million investment in Qianhai Mobile, a company that provides internet access for commuters.
  11. The capsized Yangtze cruise ship was righted. Only 14 of the 456 people on board the Eastern Star are known to have survived before the the ship was brought upright.

Continued here…

So yesterday was a more eventful day than the day before it. No theory was taught at CMC but instead we were made to write programs (of java) on our laptops (those who didn’t have it were made to sit on a computer provided by the institute). The programs were pretty textbook and therefore a lot of us had no problem solving them. Since I finished the task before hand I thought of taking up some additional questions (pattern based).

Since I was in the vicinity of my TIME institute, I thought of  going up there and resolving my doubts via face-to-face. Took only a couple of minutes after which I was back on my way to my house which was empty as my family was away to attend the marriage. Upon reaching I switched on the TV and as luck would have it, it had some technical issue which stoped it from working. So I switched my attention to my laptop.

My laptop has off lately become a much useful tool for me. Earlier the majority of time I opened my laptop was either to watch a movie or play games on it, but those things do not fascinate me anymore. My focus has shifted to gaining knowledge from the giant tanker called the “Internet”. I read blogs which are a great great source of information (current affairs or otherwise) and most importantly presents us with a viewpoint straight from the source. That is matter rich in content. I follow a couple of blogs out of which “TechCrunch” is my favourite. It showcases exciting new technologies which maybe at any of its stages of evolution/presentation in the market.

Apart from blogs I have found an absolute beauty of a site called “Mckinsey Quarterly” which is a fantastic site that presents the in-depth analysis of issues around the world and how should one cope with them. The positives and negatives of any article, related to a specific issue and how is it affecting us as a person and as society at large. Another reference that I’d like to make here is to the site “The Economist”. It’s range of issues is more than what Mckinsey presents as most or all of them deal with the happenings of the world, the news. But where does Mckinsey has an edge is the fact that all it’s article needn’t be about incidents taking place around the globe, but relevent matter that may have happened in the past but with changing times, its reflection and hence its working method has changed.

It was getting late and I still had the pattern related questions to do. So I opened up my registered and penned them down one by one. Hardly took me 15-20 minutes. Now what! I was feeling terribly hungry, thouhgt of ordering something from outside. But what? After accounting for all the possible options I had, I onceagain resorted to my old faithful friend… Pizza.

Giant Dinner Box from pizza hut. They stopped giving out 2 free pepsis as of May 31st, I wonder why? You might think, it is too much for one guy. Let me tell you something, it was. Did I just throw it away? No, I planned to save it for afterwards when I would hungry again. A doorbell rings soon after, I opened the door and voila!! Who do I see? My family, returning home unexpectedly early. I had to part away with my pizza, but I didn’t mind that because I wasn’t gonna finish it anytime soon. So instead of letting it just be one cold slice of bread, I thought it wiser to give it away to my sisters.

Hunger had been taken care off, so I sat down to write me a post. In the mean time I got a text from one of my friend to play football. Football is a sport, a temptation I can’t resist. You call me at any odd hour of the day (24hrs) , I’ll come, no questions asked.

I came back at 2300hrs, drank some water to cool me off, saw Jimmy Fallon and Simpsons and went to bed. Probably gotta better utilise my day. Hmmm!! Come this weekend, another thing (Math and English) will be added to my schedule and hopefully it will all come off beautifully well. Oh yes! I was also thinking of taking up a side subject, for greater inisght into how the human mind works and its psyche, that would give me an advantage in the business world and keep me a step ahead in the competition. What is that subject? Psychology.

That’s all for now. Peace out!

Love for reading

I must apologise, to myself (however absurd it may look) for not blogging/posting something yesterday. The only possible explainantion I can come up with is I was out the whole time (not lying…). So my day started as usual, woke up, did the daily chores, had breakfast and went away to CMC for the java class. I happen to realise that java is very much similar to C++, or maybe that is because of the environment we are working it makes so. The IDE (integrated development environment) we are using for java is called “Netbeans”. Is it the only IDE for java? No, there is another very famous IDE in use called “Eclipse” (which definitely sounds cooler than Netbeans). Which one is better then? From the response I got I can only presume that both are equally good and not much is different (maybe some additional packages).

Cut short to me coming back to my place, on my way I get a phone call from my dad urging me to come home fast as we had to leave for a marriage function (it is important to note that marriage is not just a 1 day experience here in India, it is supposedly a big thing, which brings me to the idea I had earlier of transitioning wedding planning to an online platform, will talk about this later). So I reached home, with no inclination whatsoever of going to such an occasion, but I went anyway. The reason behind that was I wanted to meet my friend who lives only nearby. His name is Sugam Goyal, a delightful person if you get to know him, highly motivated and inspirational figure in my life, not because of what he aspires to be (an IAS officer) but because of the knowledge he has mustered over the time which has transformed him into a being, worthy of debating on any given present day scenario (commendable).

Meanwhile, I was getting bored at the wedding reception. I was being introduced to people as my father’s son. Well my father is a known figure among our relatives and their relatives and their… This boredom led me to go back to my car and do my homework (yes, CMC gives homework and I LOVE IT). Post that (which didn’t take long) I thought about reading the book I had with me, “Arise, Awake” ~ by Rashmi Bansal (There are so many successful bansals in our country, thinking of changing my surname to one). The book is a one-off, why? because it is about the story of young entrepreneurs of India who made it big from almost nothing, who dared to dream and conceptualised that dream into a reality.

Afterwards I had dinner and walked off to my friend’s place on foot. I thought “Hey, how far could it be?”. I was somewhere between right and horribly wrong (so that tips it towards wrong, Ha!! i played myself with words). We had a wonderful conversation, sharing our thoughts and reminiscing about our past, the blunders we did and the moments we had together, when the world seemed less complicated and more meant for fun and booze and sleep overs. This by the way, made a tiny fraction of our convo, majority of which was serious brooding stuff.

Well then moments later, my father called me up saying that they were leaving and I should come around somewhere from where they can pick me up. I called them to Naoroji nagar bus-stop, events of which are not that important to describe here. We reached home about 12:30 and I slept off almost immediately, thus had no chance of putting my thoughts down here (reason justified).

To be continued…

I am BACK…!

It has been a long time since I last wrote anything here. Took a break from the usual to sort things out, to pan out all the possible options available and select the one which would compliment me in the future. Haaa!! (exhales)

Tough times lie ahead of me… Lot of expectations and commitments. If I think of lying down for a moment and just relax for the time being, I can’t. Maybe because I have put myself in such a situation where there is no “free time” for me. I’d like to mention this fact that I am not blogging because I have to or so and so person told me that it’ll help me improve my enligsh and/or with my articulation, but because I want to. Why I want to? The reason is pretty simple, I want to keep a log of things, what I do in my day’s time? what am I thinking at this moment? my thoughts during the day? and my  thouhgts for the future? how do I plan to transit them into reality? All this will help me be organised with my activities as well as with my thoughts and I can always look back and track my progress accordingly. Beside all these aspects I also need to be updated with what’s going on around the world, what’s new in news? This platform provides me with these or any one of the numerous other advantages that come with blogging. With this knowledge at my disposal I can afford to write my opinions on matters which are important to me or to the society as whole because only when I have the intricate knowledge will I be able to express it.

There are both short term and long term goals. Of course the short term ones have to be in sync with the long term (I hope mine are). So my first priority is to get a job as soon as possible. Not having one would be catastrophic to my chances of getting into a good b-school. For that my current knowledge is not upto the mark and so I need to evolve myself to better fit the present day requirements of the company. Hence, learning Java has become my proirity and not only core java but advanced java as well because frankly, without the advanced course there is but little value for (only) java programmers.

CMC institute is where I have decided to go and learn this stuff. Well it wasn’t entirely my decision to take, my father has had a large and important role in these past few months. He has been the one solid pillar in my life who has supported me throughout my career, irrespective of how many risky or stupid decisions I have made in the past. He has tried his best to guide me in the right direction and I’m very grateful for this.

Anyways, I don’t want people to get the wrong idea about me learning java just to get a job, but it has to do largely with the fact that I’m in love with the coding, be it script language or programming, this is the most logical thing I’ve read and analysed in my life and I can go on and on and speak volumes about my love for coding but the post has to be my state-of-mind oriented and so I’ll restrict myself to this much only.

Me learning computer languages will most definitely play a pivotal role in shaping my future and thus realising my long term goal of having my own business or businesses (fingers crossed). Next up what needs to be done is to get a job into a company that would compliment my skill set and enhance then with time to help me understand better how things work, what all needs to be done and how it needs to be done.

Simultaneously, that is along with my java classes at CMC, I have TIME classes too at weekends, to prepare me for all the aptitude tests such as CAT (most important), XAT (my goal), IIFT (love it), SNAP (have something to prove), NMAT (will be the first time) and finally GMAT (I think they only take people with work ex amounting upto at least 2-3 years). Round about 90 percentile I got the last time I sat for CAT which is well below what I had expected initially. Did it demotivate me? Probably yes, for a short period of time. But then I thought, those are just numbers, they may present the fact but not the reason behind it or the possiblity in the future. This coupled with some wonderful advice from my near and dear ones prompted me to just go for it, all out, no holds barred. In this space I’d also like to mention one important day in my life, 31st May. It’s importance is not relevent from the current perspective but in future this day might just be the day when I got the new me and realization just dawned upon me from the heavens above (it is still my brain). The events of the day worth discussing but some other day, some other time.

So I have listed out what I’m gonna do, more likely an overview. Time to fill in the details of it. First up is the CMC part of my short term goals. Core java would take 5-6 weeks of training, i.e. 1-1.5 months approx, which I think is reasonable enough for such an important concept. For advanced java course they said it’ll be of around 2-2.5 months in which they would cover numerous other topics as well post which I’ll be a “force to reckon with *evil laugh* “. At least that is how I picture myself. Timings of it would in most certainity be 12:30 pm and the class would be of 1.5 hours.

Apart for this (as if this wasn’t good enough), I wish to learn how to make android/ios apps. From the past few years, this has been an important phase in any developers life to basically design an app for practically anything there is that could be moved to a digital media. Kids as small as 9-10 years old are developing apps. Other people of my age and equally unskilled as me would be ashamed of this fact or probably would deny such a thing happening. But life is not some disneyland where you stop have a wonderful time, it’s moving, revolving, continously changing and with a change comes opportunities. Opportunities are meant to be taken, grasped rather, with both hands, not for revenge and certainly not for proving anyone anything. They are meant for you to evolve into a better human being, a better person. Going astray from talking about computer stuff to philosophy, pardon me.

Well what else needs to be done? Ah, yes! then there is the MBA part of my life and the preparation that needs to be done. I have joined the pitampura branch of TIME. How is it different from the CP branch? Well for starters, relatively few people come to that center, I suppose. This may be due to that fact that

(1) There are other institutes in close vicinity, much closer than they are in CP.

(2) There are specialised institutes such as Narayna and FITJEE for entrance exams pertaining to science students and most of the crowd in this area is relatively younger.

But the number of students is actually not that relevent to me as my preparation would take place either in classroom or the library and in the time between, with the respective teachers. Time management is crucial at this stage because I have to juggle between CMC, job and TIME such that there is minimal or no upsetting.

There are 3 parts in which I broadly classify these aptitude tests, they are:




For quant and LR, there is no substitute to practice. Practice and practice as long as I can and with minimum time expended per question. Mark those questions whose answer I wasn’t able to get in the first attempt, look for their answer and finally attempt without looking at the answer. Continue this for as long as I haven’t mastered the technique and the keep up the hardwork. I’m not exceptionally talented and this is a fact, no denying it, but I don’t mind working hard for something that I’m passionate about. It drives me, it motivates me beyond my capabilities, both physical (not feeling the exursion) and mental (perseverance).

For VA, of course practice is a must and can’t be exempted but apart from that, newspaper reading (the editorial column), blogging/blog reading, magazine (Chronicles)  is a big help in preparation both from the english point of view as well as the GK point of view. Now, GK is not a part of CAT or NMAT, but apart from these two, all the other major exams have it (I probably forgot to mention IRMA, which is good and has a lot of scope). So keeping up with GK is also an integral part of preparation. Obviously, nobody can undermine the value of books/novels as I believe these are the tools that shape a human’s character, that can influence the thought process and can certainly remodel a person into one having a better understanding of things for an altogether different perspective. I have with me the list of books and plan to read them one by one along with my other unread books *giggles*.

Now that I have mentioned those things that will keep me busy during the day (and i thought that was it.. reality check), I have some other unresolved issues that I need to take care of during evening/night. Although there is a bit of relief here as this task is temporary and won’t take much of a time, or so I hope. The task is learning C++, or whatever is left of it (which is very much) and with it finshing off HTML and starting CSS and Javascript. This needs to be done as swiftly as possible, possibly in a week or a week and a half (at max).

Phew!! So much has been said, it is time to bring this plan into action. As Liam Neeson in the movie A-Team said it, “I love it when a plan comes together.”

Wish me luck (who am I talking to?).

Planing it all.

So I think I should classify my topics on the basis of what content do they hold. Firstly, I’m thinking of writing a news blog everyday based on the information I’d be getting from 2-3 newspapers (The Times of India, The Hindu and/or The Economic Times). How would it help you?

1) More than anything it is meant to keep you updated with the current scenarios we are facing.

2) For people who are interested in reading/knowing about pretty much everything, this blog would provide a summarized version of the newspaper where you can either read the entire thing or skip to your favorite part.

Secondly, along with the news blog I’m planning on writing a book blog wherein I’d pen down what all I’ve been reading, interesting facts offered by the book (of course non-fiction). What makes the book so tempting, its pros and cons if any. Why is it worth a read. It wont be just a book review but all the intricacies also spilling out. I’m tempted to buy all the new-releases but somehow I’ve managed to bring it under control a little bit, considering the spurt in the growth of domestic authors who without a doubt have, if not already, started making a name in the international market as well. So this won’t be as regular an affair as the news blog but it’ll be pretty steady.

So that is pretty much my plan. Let’s see how it goes, hoping for the best. (: