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So yesterday was a more eventful day than the day before it. No theory was taught at CMC but instead we were made to write programs (of java) on our laptops (those who didn’t have it were made to sit on a computer provided by the institute). The programs were pretty textbook and therefore a lot of us had no problem solving them. Since I finished the task before hand I thought of taking up some additional questions (pattern based).

Since I was in the vicinity of my TIME institute, I thought of  going up there and resolving my doubts via face-to-face. Took only a couple of minutes after which I was back on my way to my house which was empty as my family was away to attend the marriage. Upon reaching I switched on the TV and as luck would have it, it had some technical issue which stoped it from working. So I switched my attention to my laptop.

My laptop has off lately become a much useful tool for me. Earlier the majority of time I opened my laptop was either to watch a movie or play games on it, but those things do not fascinate me anymore. My focus has shifted to gaining knowledge from the giant tanker called the “Internet”. I read blogs which are a great great source of information (current affairs or otherwise) and most importantly presents us with a viewpoint straight from the source. That is matter rich in content. I follow a couple of blogs out of which “TechCrunch” is my favourite. It showcases exciting new technologies which maybe at any of its stages of evolution/presentation in the market.

Apart from blogs I have found an absolute beauty of a site called “Mckinsey Quarterly” which is a fantastic site that presents the in-depth analysis of issues around the world and how should one cope with them. The positives and negatives of any article, related to a specific issue and how is it affecting us as a person and as society at large. Another reference that I’d like to make here is to the site “The Economist”. It’s range of issues is more than what Mckinsey presents as most or all of them deal with the happenings of the world, the news. But where does Mckinsey has an edge is the fact that all it’s article needn’t be about incidents taking place around the globe, but relevent matter that may have happened in the past but with changing times, its reflection and hence its working method has changed.

It was getting late and I still had the pattern related questions to do. So I opened up my registered and penned them down one by one. Hardly took me 15-20 minutes. Now what! I was feeling terribly hungry, thouhgt of ordering something from outside. But what? After accounting for all the possible options I had, I onceagain resorted to my old faithful friend… Pizza.

Giant Dinner Box from pizza hut. They stopped giving out 2 free pepsis as of May 31st, I wonder why? You might think, it is too much for one guy. Let me tell you something, it was. Did I just throw it away? No, I planned to save it for afterwards when I would hungry again. A doorbell rings soon after, I opened the door and voila!! Who do I see? My family, returning home unexpectedly early. I had to part away with my pizza, but I didn’t mind that because I wasn’t gonna finish it anytime soon. So instead of letting it just be one cold slice of bread, I thought it wiser to give it away to my sisters.

Hunger had been taken care off, so I sat down to write me a post. In the mean time I got a text from one of my friend to play football. Football is a sport, a temptation I can’t resist. You call me at any odd hour of the day (24hrs) , I’ll come, no questions asked.

I came back at 2300hrs, drank some water to cool me off, saw Jimmy Fallon and Simpsons and went to bed. Probably gotta better utilise my day. Hmmm!! Come this weekend, another thing (Math and English) will be added to my schedule and hopefully it will all come off beautifully well. Oh yes! I was also thinking of taking up a side subject, for greater inisght into how the human mind works and its psyche, that would give me an advantage in the business world and keep me a step ahead in the competition. What is that subject? Psychology.

That’s all for now. Peace out!


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