Love for reading

I must apologise, to myself (however absurd it may look) for not blogging/posting something yesterday. The only possible explainantion I can come up with is I was out the whole time (not lying…). So my day started as usual, woke up, did the daily chores, had breakfast and went away to CMC for the java class. I happen to realise that java is very much similar to C++, or maybe that is because of the environment we are working it makes so. The IDE (integrated development environment) we are using for java is called “Netbeans”. Is it the only IDE for java? No, there is another very famous IDE in use called “Eclipse” (which definitely sounds cooler than Netbeans). Which one is better then? From the response I got I can only presume that both are equally good and not much is different (maybe some additional packages).

Cut short to me coming back to my place, on my way I get a phone call from my dad urging me to come home fast as we had to leave for a marriage function (it is important to note that marriage is not just a 1 day experience here in India, it is supposedly a big thing, which brings me to the idea I had earlier of transitioning wedding planning to an online platform, will talk about this later). So I reached home, with no inclination whatsoever of going to such an occasion, but I went anyway. The reason behind that was I wanted to meet my friend who lives only nearby. His name is Sugam Goyal, a delightful person if you get to know him, highly motivated and inspirational figure in my life, not because of what he aspires to be (an IAS officer) but because of the knowledge he has mustered over the time which has transformed him into a being, worthy of debating on any given present day scenario (commendable).

Meanwhile, I was getting bored at the wedding reception. I was being introduced to people as my father’s son. Well my father is a known figure among our relatives and their relatives and their… This boredom led me to go back to my car and do my homework (yes, CMC gives homework and I LOVE IT). Post that (which didn’t take long) I thought about reading the book I had with me, “Arise, Awake” ~ by Rashmi Bansal (There are so many successful bansals in our country, thinking of changing my surname to one). The book is a one-off, why? because it is about the story of young entrepreneurs of India who made it big from almost nothing, who dared to dream and conceptualised that dream into a reality.

Afterwards I had dinner and walked off to my friend’s place on foot. I thought “Hey, how far could it be?”. I was somewhere between right and horribly wrong (so that tips it towards wrong, Ha!! i played myself with words). We had a wonderful conversation, sharing our thoughts and reminiscing about our past, the blunders we did and the moments we had together, when the world seemed less complicated and more meant for fun and booze and sleep overs. This by the way, made a tiny fraction of our convo, majority of which was serious brooding stuff.

Well then moments later, my father called me up saying that they were leaving and I should come around somewhere from where they can pick me up. I called them to Naoroji nagar bus-stop, events of which are not that important to describe here. We reached home about 12:30 and I slept off almost immediately, thus had no chance of putting my thoughts down here (reason justified).

To be continued…


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