Planing it all.

So I think I should classify my topics on the basis of what content do they hold. Firstly, I’m thinking of writing a news blog everyday based on the information I’d be getting from 2-3 newspapers (The Times of India, The Hindu and/or The Economic Times). How would it help you?

1) More than anything it is meant to keep you updated with the current scenarios we are facing.

2) For people who are interested in reading/knowing about pretty much everything, this blog would provide a summarized version of the newspaper where you can either read the entire thing or skip to your favorite part.

Secondly, along with the news blog I’m planning on writing a book blog wherein I’d pen down what all I’ve been reading, interesting facts offered by the book (of course non-fiction). What makes the book so tempting, its pros and cons if any. Why is it worth a read. It wont be just a book review but all the intricacies also spilling out. I’m tempted to buy all the new-releases but somehow I’ve managed to bring it under control a little bit, considering the spurt in the growth of domestic authors who without a doubt have, if not already, started making a name in the international market as well. So this won’t be as regular an affair as the news blog but it’ll be pretty steady.

So that is pretty much my plan. Let’s see how it goes, hoping for the best. (:


The journey begins…

Finally, all set to experience the world of blogging.I hope it serves the purpose for which I ventured into it and in the process make me a better and efficient human being. *fingers crossed*